Some Personal History.


I was born in Quito, Ecuador to an Ecuadorian-American mother and an Ecuadorian father, but have lived almost equal amounts of my life in the United States and the Netherlands. I also briefly lived in Hong Kong for a time. My Step-Father is Dutch and my friends are from many different places.

Together, all these parts of my life have shaped my perception of the world. I believe that my multi-diverse and international upbringing has allowed me to understand more of the world, and feel a strong conviction to do more for others, regardless of origin.  

On a less serious note, while I like to take my ambitions absolutely serious, I also am not adamant on taking everything too seriously. I love jokes and sharing stories over a cold beverage or a camp fire. The portrait I put as the header of this 'about' section is from my time as Director of Inspiration at Enso Expeditions (more on that later). That day was quite enjoyable but also extremely memorable. 

I was really nervous because we were shooting a photos for the website and I couldn't get a natural pose for the life of me.  It then hit me. What would break the ice the best?  It hit me - a joke. I told my business partner and dear friend Hansel to tell me a joke. Within seconds, I was in stitches and had forgotten we were even taking pictures in the first place.  The picture was captured the moment he told me the punchline. 

It serves as a constant reminded that happiness and enjoyment are my natural state of mind.  laughter is quintessentially me.  

In my free time I enjoy going to the movies and reading, learning, eating delicious food and talking with people.  I live for adventures and getting lost, and feel most free when I travel.  My family and friends are dearest to me. 

If you made it down here, I appreciate you taking the time to hear a short tidbit about me.  


- N