Mr. Benjamin Ferencz, the last living Nuremberg Prosecutor responsible for prosecution some of the worst nazi war criminals after World War II. 



Among one of the wisest things my mother ever told me was that in the end, one's life and legacy will be gauged by what you decided to do for others not by what you decided to do for yourself.  Such belief has shaped me into the person I am today. I had the privilege of growing up in peace, with food and shelter around me, a family which loved me and provided me the opportunity to pursue my dreams. My family, however, made it absolutely clear that such a situation was not only a blessing, but also a promise.  A promise to make sure that I do something with my life and work towards giving others who were not able to be born in such situation a chance for a better life. 

From the children and people living unspeakable despair in war zones, to those seeking a better future by fleeing persecution, and all of us wishing that peace be the new standard of living, I fight for you. For those who feel there is no one listening to your injustice or plight, I fight for you. From the improvement of our means to ensure the respect of humanity of all, by all, I dedicate my life and work.  This is my ambition. To face the daunting issues which we face as human beings and make a dent. 

My calling is to be part of the change I want to see in the world by working for a better future. Indeed, every step I take towards using my skills and professional capacity to make the world a better place, even in the slightest capacity, is the fulfilment of my ambitions. Many will say that the pursuit of such goals are unrealistic, impossible, or simply delusional. To me, however, I believe it is a calling - a beacon to all those who want to be part of a better future to get up and fight for what is right, tirelessly and every day, to work harder to spread the ideals and continue the struggle against injustice.  

It is my ardent belief that our perception of what is possible is only limited by our conviction to do what must be done to achieve our goals. The choice is ultimately yours. Will history remember you as the one who stood idly by and gave up, or will it remember you for your unwavering resolve to take on the biggest challenges faced by humanity.  

The example set by Mr. Benjamin Ferencz, who I had the honour of meeting this year, reminds me that you must never give up on your ambitions. Not only was he instrumental in the prosecution of some of the worst nazi war criminals at the end of the war, but he has dedicated his entire life international criminal justice, supporting the idea of an International Criminal Court since his time at Nuremberg. Mr. Ferencz's unwavering dedication and achievements are not only inspiring, but also a demonstrations that every major achievement begins with ambition. See his page at:

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