Public International Law 


Public international law has developed to a point where it is no longer an area of law that is only of extreme importance for States and International Organisations. Today,  individuals, are, more than ever before, a direct focus of public international law. 

Whether through the advent and development of fields such as international criminal law or international human rights law, we as humans have a vested interest in understanding the international legal order which governs our world and indeed in certain instances sets obligations for us. 


State officials, Policy Makers, Judges, Lawyers, Academics, Jurists, Activists and other practitioners, work on a daily basis behind the scenes, to ensure that all fields of public international law, ranging from the areas mentioned above to the law of the sea and environmental law are respected and enforced.  However, it is undeniable that this effort is met with resistance from certain States and other forces wishing to undermine the order for their own interest. 

It is up to us, both practitioners and individuals, as humans to work towards making a difference, ensuring the creation a better world for future generations. A world where the rule of law is respected at every level, especially internationally.  It is imperative to work with all levels of society so that this becomes a reality.  It is of unmeasurable importance to not leave today's problems for tomorrow.  

Raison d'etre

Welcome to my website, I wanted to briefly outline why I do what I do.  This topic will be touched upon in more depth in the about section, but it suffices to say that I believe that the future of humankind is based on a change in mentality, from short term to long term, in a great many areas. One such area which requires a greater depth of reinvigoration and creative adaption is  public international law. To face the many global issues currently occurring and looming ahead, we need more comprehensive legal regimes, accountability and a global civil society which is better informed and involved. 



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